Ben Kahan

Ben Kahan

Ben Kahan

Ben Kahan is passionately committed to pursuing excellence in his real estate career. He has a winning, determined attitude where the achievement of goals, honing skills and continuous personal improvement, are an integral part of his carefully planned professional journey. 

As measure of this drive to succeed, Ben was determined to win the WA/Northern Territory “Rookie of The Year” Award for an office of the first franchise group he worked with – and succeeded against stiff opposition from 45 other business units within that franchise.

In addition to his energy and professional expertise, Ben brings numerous key skills to the table. He is:

• A skilled negotiator, who has invested considerable time and resources in fine tuning his ability to close business with ‘win win’ outcomes in mind.

• He has the ability, supported by statistics, to achieve the best possible price for his vendors.

• Ben has developed cutting edge marketing skills, with a special emphasis on online campaigns and astute presentation. His considerable experience in this area enables him to tailor unique, structured campaigns for each client in order to attract targeted buyers.

• Ben’s communication and relationship management skills are second to none. He is confident, assured and has the ability to operate at the highest possible level.

• He is comfortable about working with people from all walks of life – to Ben, people and relationships come first, and selling real estate is a natural consequence. It is all about helping clients and purchasers to achieve their dreams.

With a restless desire to achieve his personal goals, and a total commitment to serving clients to the best of his ability, Ben Kahan is delighted to join, and represent, the finest real estate agency in the City of South Perth.