What Bourkes is doing to manage Coronavirus!

What Bourkes is doing to manage Coronavirus!


There’s a lot of discussion and unrest happening right now surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and in today’s blog we explain what the Bourkes team is doing to help manage the situation so that you can continue to #experiencebetter.

As your local real estate agent, we come into contact with a lot of people – in our Como office, at home opens and public places such as coffee shops.  Meeting people is a necessary and fun part of our job.  Right now, we are continuing to with but with a heightened sense of awareness for good general health as well as a vigilant and robust plan to ensure everyone’s safety is maximised.

Since the news first broke, we have taken advice from the Department of Health at a Federal and State level and we are continuing to monitor the evolving situation.  We have zero incidences reported within our team and are committed to keeping it that way.

For our Home-Viewing Attendance Policy, please read HERE

What Bourkes is doing to manage Coronavirus! 1

Other steps the Bourkes team has taken to help you #experiencebetter include:

  • Regularly washing hands with soap and water
  • No social contact e.g. handshake or embrace – instead expect a friendly wave or thumbs up from us!
  • We have half of our team members working from home and will alternate each week in order to guarantee continued service
  • Immediately reporting any concerns for our team’s health, and enforcing self-quarantine if necessary
  • Asking all team members to monitor their personal health, undertake medical assessments and self-quarantine as required
  • Asking all vendors, clients, contractors, suppliers and visitors to monitor their personal health and advise of any suspected symptoms
  • Supplying hand sanitiser at all home viewing appointments
  • Reminding appointment visitors to eliminate personal contact and keep the 1.5m social distancing space
  • Emailing brochures to you in the event you don’t want to touch or take a printed copy
  • Regular ZOOM meetings to remind employees, vendors, clients, contractors, suppliers and visitors of their obligations so that personal hygiene remains a priority

What Bourkes is doing to manage Coronavirus! 2

Rest assured, homes will not be opened at all if any suspected Coronavirus cases are reported and a full investigation will be launched.

If you suspect you have Coronavirus symptoms (fever, dry cough and sore throat), or have been in contact with someone displaying these symptoms, contact the Coronavirus Health Information line on 1800 020 080 and immediately seek advice from your doctor.

Please also notify us so we can continue to manage this situation. Our priority has always been to help you #experiencebetter with your property needs in and around the City of South Perth.  Part of that is ensuring good health during this uncertain time.

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